Monday, March 10, 2014

Gluten Free Recipe Roundup

Swirling Chocolate

I have a bunch of gluten free recipes from over the years; now I have to go through and make them, take pictures and post them here! While the recipe gathering process is coming along, I’ll start sharing recipes from around the web that I’ve tried. This will be called Gluten Free Recipe Roundup and I’ll share these each Monday, at least that’s the plan. If it gets too hard to find new recipes, then I’ll do this once a month. For now, we’ll try it every Monday.

Here are today’s gluten free recipes from around the web! These recipes are perfect for chocoholics. I’ve tried each of these and recommend highly recommend them!

Gluten Free Brownie Mix
This Gluten Free Brownie Mix is quick and easy to make, using ingredients I typically have on hand. The dry ingredients can be mixed and put in a jar for a gift—or made up to keep on hand for when you need something quick and easy to bake. All you need to add are “wet ingredients”:  eggs, vanilla and butter or margarine. This recipe’s easy and tastes wonderful. Wait till you smell these brownies! I have to leave out the nuts, due to my nut allergies; however, I can imagine these brownies would taste very rich with walnuts.

I’ve made this recipe numerous times over the last couple of months and have had rave reviews each time. The rave reviews were all from gluten-eaters.

MD (my husband) prefers a thin layer of frosting on the brownies, so I make a glaze with powdered sugar, melted butter, vanilla and cocoa (or melted chocolate). You could also use a light dusting of powdered sugar to top off these brownies.

One Bowl Chocolate Cake
I found this recipe a few years ago and it quickly became a favorite at our house. The One Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe is quick and easy—kids can easily bake this cake. The recipe makes use of ingredients you already have on hand, including vinegar. The vinegar works with the baking soda as a leavening agent, giving the cake a nice springy texture. You can’t taste the vinegar in this chocolaty recipe. The cake’s also not too sweet, and comes out moist (if you don’t over bake it).
This one bowl chocolate cake tastes great with vanilla or chocolate frosting. If you’re a chocoholic like me, then you’ll prefer chocolate frosting.

Brownies in a Mug
This is a little gem of a recipe I came across on HubPages a couple months ago. Brownies in a Mug is just that—you make individual brownies in a coffee mug or a ramekin. These brownies are easy and economical; on top of that, they taste heavenly! This recipe comes in handy when you don’t need or feel like baking an entire brownie recipe. You can easily use them as a novel dessert for a nice dinner with your family or with guests.

I was skeptical of how the brownies would come out in the microwave, but these taste like regular brownies. They will stay moist—just be careful to not over-microwave them! In addition, baking with the microwave takes a short time, uses less energy than a regular oven and doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen.

I followed this recipe exactly, but substituted 1 ½ tablespoons of rice flour for the wheat flour. Again, I made a little powdered sugar chocolate frosting to top them off. They tasted wonderful!

That’s all for this week’s Gluten Free Recipe Roundup! If you use one of these recipes, please leave a comment as to you liked it or what changes you made, including variations!

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